Knox County 4-H Winners at the Kentucky State Fair

  • Sophi Deaton - White Ribbon for Oatmeal Muffins
  • Sydney Hurst - Blue Ribbon for Granola Bars & Red Ribbon for Woodworking
  • Mason Logan - Blue Ribbon for Cake Decorating
  • Jonah West - White Ribbon for Mixed Hay

4-H Country Ham Project Results - KSF

  • Isaiah Brown - Red Ribbon
  • Savannah Hensley - Red Ribbon
  • Blake Hubbard - Red Ribbon
  • Kenneth Mills - Red Ribbon
  • Courtney Stevens - Blue Ribbon
  • Tiffany Stewart - Blue Ribbon **Highest Speech**
  • Jonathan Wells - Red Ribbon **Highest Ham**
  • Jonah West - Blue Ribbon

FYI: *Nearly 700 youth participate in the 4-H Country Ham Project from across the State of Kentucky.

*60% of the total score is based on the participant's speech, while 40% is based on the presentation of the ham.

For more informaiton on how to get involved please contact our office at 606-546-3447.